Trust Our Service Center with Seasonal Maintenance Needs

With summer now behind us, we are just as surprised as you are at the sudden change in seasons. As the cold of winter prepares to arrive in Chicago, our service staff at Fox Ford Lincoln is equally ready to get your car ready for all that is to come in the new season.

Seasonal Maintenance Milestones For Your Vehicle

— Scamper smith (@ScamperSmith) October 4, 2017

Our service center is outfitted with the tools and knowledge that are needed to prepare a vehicle for a new season. Our mechanics will go over…

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Is It Time to Consider an SUV in Chicago?

The next time you are in the market for a new vehicle it may be time to consider an SUV, even if you have not owned one before. As a top choice for finding a new SUV in the greater Chicago area, our team at Fox Ford Lincoln has countless models for you to ponder. Here are some things to consider the next time you are car shopping:

  • Cargo space: Taking a road trip with the whole family? Owning an SUV will allow you pack fully and still ride in comfort.
  • Improved Gas Mileage: In recent years car makers have…
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What Is a Vehicle Maintenance Schedule?

Your car is one of the most expensive items you are ever going to own. Of course, you want to keep it in like new condition for as long as possible.

When your car was still on the drawing board, the engineers who designed it also developed a vehicle maintenance schedule. This is a detailed list of routine maintenance items that need to be performed to keep your car in top condition. They not only keep your car running well, they extend your gas mileage and help you retain top resale value.

If you want to avoid costly repairs and…

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GAP Insurance is a Great Thing to Have

GAP insurance is a great thing to have especially if you are leasing your vehicle. Even if you are buying your vehicle, GAP insurance is great coverage to have. If you are not sure whether you need to get GAP insurance or no, someone at Fox Ford Lincoln can help to answer any questions that you may have.

GAP insurance will cover you if your car is stolen or totaled. Your insurance will typically only cover the market value of your vehicle, and not what you still owe on your loan. So if your vehicle is valued at $35,000…
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Experience Top End Quality in a Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln in Chicago, IL

Are you looking to save money on a certified pre-owned luxury vehicle? Receive a quality low-mileage Lincoln from the Fox Ford Lincoln certified pre-owned inventory and enjoy the advantage of an exclusive warranty on the Lincoln model of your choice. Feel free to browse and compare the selection of vehicles in our certified inventory so you can find the luxury sedan or SUV model that fits your driving style.


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Enjoy a More Dog-Friendly Road Trip with Some Simple Tips

The pros over at POPSUGAR know a lot about dogs and, if you're planning a road trip this summer with your furry best friend in tow, then they have the info that's perfect for your needs! Whether it's your dog's first time in the car or they're on-road experts at this point, it's important to be prepared and the six tips below will definitely make your trip more fun and care-free.

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To Keep Your Lincoln's Finish Looking Perfect, You May Have to Resist Cleaning It

Have you ever seen a gorgeous luxury vehicle kept in pristine condition, without a speck of dirt on it, but the paint is dull and lifeless? Too often, well-meaning owners damage the clear-coat of their vehicles by being a little too meticulous in keeping them clean.

Imagine you're out at the park for a Sunday stroll, and you return to find a bird has done its business on the hood of your new Lincoln Continental.

This injustice shall not stand.

You immediately whip out a handkerchief to clean it up before driving back home, before anyone can see what…

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How to Maintain Visibility When the Sun is Glaring

The hot summer sun can be blinding, especially shortly after sunrise, and before sunset. We can't always avoid driving during these hours, though, and they are such beautiful times of day, you may want to take your Lincoln out for a relaxing ride to take in the views.

What can you do to stay safe when rays are shining directly in your eyes, causing visibility-destroying glare?

Try these five tips:

  • Clean the inside of your windshield. Small particulates diffract light, worsening the effect of glare. A windshield that looks clean can turn dangerously opaque when light hits it at…
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