Floor Mats Are More Than Just a Place to Rest Your Feet

Chances are you haven't given all that much thought to your car's floor mats. They are generally thought of, if they are thought about at all, as a place to simply place your feet while driving or riding in the car. But floor mats are the only thing separating the dirt and debris on your shoes from becoming embedded in your vehicle's carpet.

Factory floor mats generally offer only adequate protection and coverage, they are often not large or durable enough to fully cover your vehicle's interior floor. Aftermarket floor mats can be custom fit to your vehicle, allowing maximum protection.

You can also choose between all-weather mats and carpeted mats. If you have a lifestyle that often leads to having muddy shoes, rubber floor mats are a great option. If that isn't the case, a custom carpet mat can help your car stay looking great.

Protect your car's interior against dirt and damage, stop by our showroom at Fox Ford Lincoln to see our aftermarket floor mat selection and choose the right mat for you.



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