SUV Packing Tips for a Safer Ride

Safely loading cargo into an SUV is not rocket science, but improper packing could be unsafe. There are ways to load the vehicle for a safer ride.

The heaviest items should be on the bottom and as far forward as possible to keep a lower center of gravity. Extra weight in the back of the vehicle shifts weight away from the front tires, which can affect steering and braking. It's also a good idea to strap heavy items down with cargo anchors, if possible. For smaller items, consider boxing them up to them from moving around when you stop. Properly securing both small and large items means your cargo won't move into a position to interfere with your view or impact your ability to drive safely.

Our staff at Fox Ford Lincoln understands how to pack a vehicle, so stop by our showroom location in Savannah. We're happy to give you some tips.



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