What are the Symptoms that Tell You that You Should Replace Your Battery?

Many batteries that fail during the winter months foreshadow that failure during warmer months. Any driver paying attention to their vehicle notices when their car feels sluggish during startup. They also notice when headlights dim when stopping at an intersection. Accepting these symptoms during mild weather conditions ensures that you will be stuck when the cold weather strikes.

Your battery has an easy time during mild weather. Cold engine starts may feel sluggish, but the engine starts, which is the main thing. However, when icy weather closes in, the oil inside your engine condenses, thickens, and becomes sluggish. To start your vehicle, your battery must send a jolt of power to the crank to turn it over. Sluggish oil resists the turn, and your engine will not start if your battery is weak.

At our Lincoln dealership, we check your battery during every service.



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