Elegant and sleek are the adjectives often used to describe the new Lincoln MKZ at Fox Lincoln of Chicago. We find buyers are initially impressed by the sheer elegance of this four-door sedan long before they have a chance to see what else it can do. This is one book that should be judged by its cover.

The combination of the signature Lincoln grille and the panoramic sunroof make one exceptional first impression. Anyone who sees you coming down the streets of Chicago will look twice at the intimidating grille that makes this car stand out. After that, it’s the chance to retract the panoramic glass roof that sets this ride apart. It’s the single largest sunroof opening in any sedan.

We trust that drivers want to experience a luxury ride in a world-class sedan, which is why we recommend not missing out on this one. It’s not just sleek and elegant, either. It’s a sedan with power and class, too.



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