Whether you're on a late-night road trip or driving after a long day of work, the Lincoln Nautilus will ensure that you can find your way. The Nautilus is a new luxury crossover. It's available at Fox Lincoln of Chicago with a unique headlight system.

The Nautilus uses full LED multi-projector headlights. The LED bulbs are very bright. They can flood the road ahead of you with bright white light. Not only that, but the lights have individual lenses that adapt to your environment. They can open or close to modify the light beam produced.

Below the projector headlights, there's a beam of daytime running lights. They have an angular design that stretches across the entire light housing. They can ensure that you are seen in any lighting condition. The LED technology also continues on the back. The rear has a long ribbon of light for extra visibility. There's also plenty of vibrant reflectors.



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