Elegance and luxury are two of the reasons why the Lincoln MKX crossover remains a popular option for families desiring more space and style. The latest models do not disappoint in either category. See how the Lincoln tradition stays alive in the MKX at our new Lincoln showroom.

The exterior boasts gentle lines and sculpted contours to create a dynamic look. The split front grille meshes beautifully between the headlights and curves of the MKX body. Choose from 18-inch to 21-inch specially designed wheels to enhance the vehicle's overall beauty.

Exterior and interior lights welcome you when approaching the vehicle. A convenient welcome mat lights up at each door. However, that is only the beginning. The interior seats are designed for the ultimate in comfort. Bladders within the upholstery automatically adjust to the contours of your body and provide a soothing massage. See all the nuances of the new Lincoln MKX at your local Lincoln dealership.



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