Using our expertise at Fox Lincoln of Chicago, let's consider the amount of life potentially left in your car's battery. Ultimately, you might need a new battery to keep your vehicle rolling strong on Chicago's streets.

Batteries deteriorate due to wear and time. If your battery is more than three years old, consider having it professionally serviced. We can clean corrosion from your battery's terminals, and we can electronically test its charging capacity.

If your battery can no longer hold a charge, you must replace it. As you choose a new battery, ask yourself how much longer you plan to own your vehicle. If you can imagine yourself trading it relatively soon, a conventional battery is a good, budget-smart choice. Otherwise, choose a modern battery with a lithium cell. This technology provides the value of reliability in all weather conditions for several years. Once you're ready for a new model, your vehicle's lithium battery may be a selling point.


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