When it comes to matters of car maintenance, one of the most utmost responsibility is motor oil. It is what allows most parts of the engine to interact with little or no friction seamlessly. O this, it will reduce temperatures and also most importantly, wear and tear.

When it comes to matters oil replacements, there are various types of myths that have invaded the general knowledge that used to work but no longer are. Some of these popular myths include:

Dark Oils in the engine needs to be changed
This myth is false and dark color in the oil could not indicate that the motor oil is dirty. Other people thought that it is no longer doing its job.

That the car oil has to be changed after 3,000 miles
?Three thousand miles is a good rule, but it is not always true. Some cars can go as much as 8,000 miles or even more. You should, therefore, find out how often you should be changing yours.


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