Here at Fox Chicago Lincoln, we are always impressed by the features Lincoln introduces for their vehicles and the Nautilus is no different. For most of you, the Lincoln Nautilus is an impressive option that you can explore for the power that is available from its twin-turbocharged engine. However, for others, the stunning design is what initially drives you towards the Nautilus and its range of comfort and technology options.

The Lincoln Nautilus is impressive in many different ways as you drive around Chicago. From the 19-speaker Ravel audio system to the latest in technology that includes Amazon's Alexa app. From the Nautilus you can take control of your infotainment options and control all the Alexa-enabled technology features you have including thermostats and lighting. If you are looking for the best in design, the auto hold feature is designed to keep you safe on an incline when you transfer your foot from the gas pedal to the gas.


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