We're automotive experts at Fox Lincoln of Chicago, and we have reliable advice to help you clean your vehicle's engine.

Warm, light air will help your engine dry after it's clean, so plan accordingly. Also, only clean your engine when its surface is cool. We want to avoid accidentally causing damage. To keep water off electronics found under your hood, use plastic bags. For additional protection, disconnect the negative terminal from your battery.

To combat grime and grease, you will need a degreasing spray. You can use any brand you trust from your supermarket. Amply spray your engine's surface. You will likely have to scrub heavily caked areas. For your engine's protection, do not use a metal brush. Firm, synthetic bristles remove grime nicely. Next, rinse your engine with medium water pressure from your garden hose. As your engine dries, uncover your electronics. Reattach the parts you disconnected, and feel proud about your clean engine.


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