As you rush to get through your week, you may fail to notice how dirty your vehicle is. It's usually not until you have an important date or meeting that you realize how bad it has gotten. Our dealership wants you to be proud of your vehicle, so here are a few shortcuts that will make it look a lot better.


Just by clearing the clutter, you will see a tremendous difference. If you’ve only dropped a few items, toss them in a small trash bag. But, if your car interior resembles a large landfill, pull up to a dumpster to get it all out. From there, wipe down the dashboard, dials, and center console. Also, jiggle the mats to get rid of smaller pieces of trash and dirt.


?With limited time to address the outside of your vehicle, aim for the windshield first. This will help you to see where you are driving and also add a bit of sparkle to the car’s appearance. Then, grab a hose and rinse the body as well as the tires. Let it air dry as you rush to make it to your next appointment. For more information about caring for your vehicle or scheduling a test drive, contact our dealership today. Our friendly team is happy to help.


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