The 2020
Lincoln Nautilus

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The 2020 Lincoln Nautilus: A Family SUV in Chicago with More than a Hint of Luxury

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your driving experience for the whole family? The 2020 Lincoln Nautilus has what you are looking for! Whether you're looking for a seamless drive to work every day, or you want a well-equipped SUV to handle your next weekend getaway, the Nautilus comes with an arsenal of equipment, features, and amenities designed to enhance and upgrade every time behind the wheel. We encourage you to explore the Lincoln Nautilus and all that it has to offer at Fox Chicago Lincoln today!

Exterior FeaturesInterior Features


With your keys in your possession, a simple kick under the rear bumper activates the available hands-free power liftgate, helping to make loading and unloading cargo a breeze.

Auto Fold Sideview Mirrirs

When you leave your Lincoln Nautilus and lock the doors, the mirrors automatically fold in, helping to keep them protects from nicks, dings and scrapes. When you are back in th evehicles with your key fob and close to the door, the mirrors automatically fold out

Exterior Lighting

It lights up almost as mush as you do. As you approach the Lincoln Nautilus, an elegant sequence of available lighting animates. In addition, a Lincoln logo welcome mat is projected on the ground, welcoming you back.

Lincoln Nautilus Interior

First- and Second-Row Acoustic-Laminate Glass

Enjoyable journeys are often those where the outside world melts away. The first- and second-row acoustic-laminate glass helps reduce traffic noise and other unpleasant sounds.

Active Noise Control

Active noise control heightens overall cabin sound quality by reducing unwanted engine noise while enhancing desired sound to help provide a pleasant driving experience. The system monitors the sound profile and then creates an opposing sound wave. When the opposing wave meets the original sound wave, the cancel each other out.

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